Saturday, February 18, 2012

Last of January & First Half of February

January 30th 

We took the kids to Jump On It for family home evening. They had a great time and even made some new friends. It was a fun night!

January 31

This used to be one of Andrew's favorite snacks when he was little but he hasn't had it for a long time. He came home from school really hungry and sad on the 31st. I made him this plate and it totally made him smile. Mission accomplished. 

February 1st

Emma went to the orthodontist today and got red and pink rubber bands for Valentine's Day. Her teeth have come such a long way this past year. I can't wait to see her when the braces come off.

February 2nd

Today Andrew got a much needed haircut. His hair was longer than it had ever been and sadly it wasn't cute. This is the shortest it's been in a very long time. I love it!

February 3rd

It's time to get serious. My trick-or-treaters have to be done soon and I haven't even started. Today I HAD to start on my ghost. So not fun! I didn't even finish him...

February 4th

Today is the day before the Super Bowl. Macey's was having a huge party and the "Big Sexy Truck" was there. Hot diggity I love this truck. If I had looked better I would have gotten a picture on me ON the truck. 

February 5th

Today is the Super Bowl. Normally we have a lot of food like chips and dip, chips and salsa, veggie trays, etc but since I am trying to eat healthier we didn't get all that stuff. I did break down and make cookies and we had chips and salsa. I ate too much but it could have been much worse.

February 6th

I decided to indulge myself a little. I placed an order with Saphora and got a few goodies. I got the Naked 2 palette. It's sooo pretty.

February 7th

How cute is this set?!? I love these lip glosses more than I can say. They're so pink!

February 8th

Finally got Mr. Ghost done. I guess it wasn't THAT bad. I'm kidding, it really was that bad.

February 9th

Two down, one to go, less than one day left. This guy was so hard. Shoot me now!

February 10th

Today Paul and I went to Taco Amigo for lunch. Then we went to In N Out for dinner. This is so not good for my weight.

February 11th

I finished, with an hour to spare. Good golly miss Molly. Is this class over yet?

February 12th

Time to get the rest of this dough used up so it is no longer a temptation.

February 13th

Andrew decided to make his own Valentine box this year. He wanted a robot. He did almost all of it by himself. I just wrapped the box for him.

February 14th

My favorite day of February, Valentine's Day!!! We had a pretty dang good time. 

February 15th

We have tried so many new recipes lately it's blowing my mind. This Spicy Chicken Salad was really good. I will most definitely make it again.

February 16th

Emma had a late (9:00pm) game tonight. It was weird being out so late on a school night but I'm glad we were. We got to see the G all lit up. It was sooo cool!

Monday, January 30, 2012

January 2012

I should wait a couple more days and just finish off January shouldn't I? Oh well. I'm willing to do this now so I should just get 'er done. 

January 11th

I started sewing my ten blocks on Wednesday. They were all due on Saturday. Yes I procrastinated. Again. This is my first completed block. Don't look too closely! 

January 12th

I got the stomach flu on the 12th. I didn't do anything on my blocks until the 13th so this pile sat on my table for a good 24 hours just waiting for me to feel human again.

January 13th

I'm still not feeling 100% but I have to get these suckers done. I am really starting to resent my class. It's not much fun for me anymore and I don't feel like I can work on anything I want to work on because I always have something I HAVE to do. Boo! 

January 14th

Today was a very rare, gorgeous, January day. It got into the 50's! I love that Andrew is wearing short sleeves and the sun is shinning. It was almost too good to be true. 

January 15th

Today I uploaded Instagram onto my phone. This is the first picture I took. This is going to take some getting used to!

January 16th

Today is Martin Luther King day. Paul has the day off but Andrew isn't feeling well so we just took a little drive. Our future home? Maybe. If we're really lucky. ; ) 

January 17th

I forgot to take a picture today but luckily there are always Marius pictures I can use. 

January 18th

Even though my dad's birthday was two days ago we are celebrating today. I'm sick (thanks Andrew!) so we brought home Thai food and had cake and ice cream. I really love this picture I snapped of my parents! 

January 19th

Have you ever seen such a crappy picture? Andrew had a Beach Party tonight at school. We took him down to check it out. He stayed for a while then declared it lame. He did buy himself a blinking mouth light. Aren't those for raves? 

January 20th

You want to know how to make me happy? Surprise me with a plate of goodies. It works really well if you are also one of my most favorite people. Sister Dalton dropped these off as a thank you for subbing in Relief Society. In the letter she said she wants to be just like me when she grows up. (She could be my grandma) It still makes me smile to think about her sweet note.

January 21

Uh oh. The rain is turning to slush. That means snow is coming next. Yuck! 

January 22 

There wasn't too much snow thank goodness. Look at those crystal blue skies though. That is one perk of snow, it really cleans out the air. It was a gorgeous morning! 

January 23

More snow. It collected on the satellite so Paul went out to brush it off and made a giant snow angel while he was at it. I love that he is still young at heart. 

January 24

The morning after. This is my view each morning. I sort of love when everything looks blue. 

January 25th

I had a hair appointment and didn't want to get my hair wet right before going in. (She always washes it for me) I went searching for a shower cap. We didn't have any. I had to make one out of a plastic grocery bag and an elastic head band. It was so white trash I had to document it.

Jan. 26

Instead of Thursday night basketball practice the girls had a basketball game. Once again it was hilarious. 

January 27th

Today was the 5th grade wax museum. Andrew made an awesome Benjamin Franklin. I am very proud of all the work he has done on this project.

January 28th

The girls won their first game today and Emma made her first basket. Wahoo!!! 

January 29

I took this picture today during church. I know I shouldn't have done it but it was too cute to pass up. Dylan is always pulling his mommy and daddy together for hugs. I love sitting behind them. They are the sweetest family and I love watching them interact with Dylan. 

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Week one, and then some

January 1st

Paul and I right at midnight ringing in the new year at Eve in Salt Lake City. I like this picture because we look so happy! 

January 2nd

Today was so warm. I think it was in the 50's. It got up to 69 degrees in our house just by having our blinds on the window open. I was in heaven. We have never had such a warm and lovely January.

January 3rd

The unseasonable warm weather continues. Look at those amazing blue skies. I feel like laying out!

January 4th

Even though the weather is in the 50's and there isn't a speck of snow to be seen I busted out my January/winter bin of decorations. It was really weird to be hanging snowflakes and setting out snowmen in my short sleeves.

January 5th

Today we had a yard full of kids playing basketball and other games. I made muffins and shared them. I can't believe the kids are playing outside in short sleeves in JANUARY! Unbelievably awesome.

January 6th

I got a new accessory for my Ipad. Isn't she pretty? I love it. 

January 7th

What a difference a few days make. This morning we woke up to a small amount of snow, freezing temps and grey skies. Boo hiss. (To tell the truth it really didn't bother me much. I think I am almost ready for winter)

January 8th

Today is Sunday. We are adjusting to afternoon church. When we got home I had a splitting headache so I went to bed. Before I knew it the day was almost over so I snapped a quick picture of some more of the winter decor. At least now it feels like it fits with what is going on outside. 

January 9th

January always brings inversion which always brings wonderful pink sunsets. I guess there really IS good in all things.

January 10th

Today we celebrated the life of my great uncle Harold. He was grandma's younger brother. I can't tell you how good it was to see grandma and grandpa. I love them.

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Feb 24th- Mar 12th

February 24th

This is the inside of the rec. center. I've been seeing a lot of this since Paul and I have been running here a few nights a week. I feel like it's my home away from home these days. 

February 25th

Today I met Paul at Paradise Bakery for lunch. I got the Thai wrap, jalepeno chips and a fruit salad. I love that you get a free cookie with their combo meals. It was pretty, pink and delicious!

February 26th

My mom and dad took the kids home with them tonight so Paul and I got date night! We went to PF Chang's and had a wonderful dinner. Our favorite part was the lettuce wraps. They are so good!

February 27th

The cute little woodpecker came back! I was so excited to see him. He can eat as many bugs off of our tree as he wants. I just hope he doesn't start pecking on our house or I won't like him as much.

February 28th

Today Emma got her braces put on. I think she looks great with them. I can't believe how fast she is growing up.

March 1st

Today we made Emma's mechanical arm that is required for her CTE class. Whatever? This is the most bizarre assignment. 

March 2nd

Tonight the young men and young women served their mothers dinner. It was a lovely evening and I'm really glad I got to go. Emma knows me well!

March 3rd

Just when I think spring is starting to arrive we get another storm that blows in. Look at that cloud. You know nothing good can come from that.

March 4th

Andrew was in my room. I had my camera. The rest is history.

March 5th

Today we glued weights onto Andrew's car and put on the first few coats of paint. We are getting really excited about the pinewood derby coming up.

March 6th

It was the end of the day. I was heading upstairs. Paul was there. End of story.

March 7th

Today Emma went to her friends house to study and do homework. She took her camera and got one shot of each of them. Since this is the only picture taken of someone from our family on this day I'm using it. 

March 8th

Finally some daffodils are starting to come up. I can't wait until we have flowers. 

March 9th

Look at this awesome nest. There are two right up the street from us. I hope someone puts them to good use soon. 

March 10th

This is a self portrait after running more that I have run in years!!! I know it's not pretty but I just beat Paul so I am happy happy happy. (You don't need to know that he wasn't there to defend himself) 

March 11th

Tonight we were driving home from Costco. I felt like chips and salsa. We swung into Chili's and got some to go. We came home and enjoyed out treat, drank our free soda and watched the BYU basketball game. 

March 12th

Today we said good-bye to grandma Fern. We will never forget you grandma.